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"Can a nutrition label change our eating habits?"- online webinar and panel discussion

Learn more about the upcoming webinar with a discussion where decision-makers, researchers and experts from the food and beverage industry share their knowledge, experience and expectations around front-of-pack nutrition labels and the way forward.

05 Oct 2022
EIT Food North & East

As part of the European Commission’s strategy for a sustainable food system, a legislative proposal of a harmonized, mandatory, front-of-pack nutrition label is waiting around the corner - to help consumers make healthier food choices.

Healthier foods are integral parts of our health, in like manner nutrition and human health are integral parts of a sustainable food system. The public health burden of diet-related diseases, such as heart disease, diabetes, and cancer, is high and a change in dietary habits is needed. But the choice of healthy food does not come easy.

What features of a front-of-pack nutrition label is important to consider and what implications does it have for consumers and companies? And how can companies pave the way and use the proposal of a harmonized front-of-pack nutrition label in best possible way?

Join EIT Food's discussion and find out answers to the above-mentioned questions!

Agenda and registration

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