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Czech Republic is the second largest producer of hops in Europe and one of EIT-Food’s RIS countries

The agri-food sector is one of the main drivers of Czech Republic’s economy

With farms covering 44% of the country area, the agriculture industry is one of the most important sectors of the Czech economy. The country’s agricultural production is diversified. Top export products are: milk, livestock, grains, sugar and malt. Approx. 13.7% of  farmland of Czech Republic are used for organic farming (2014), which is one of the highest rate among 28 RIS countries.

Room for Improvement

Despite the notable research potential, the lack of effective cooperation between academia, government and businesses constitutes an obstacle to effective development in innovations. EIT Food can be the crucial link that strengthens these necessary bonds among Czech actors. EIT Food can also help in increasing competitiveness of agri-food sector by knowledge transfer activities and support of investment and innovation projects.


EIT Food Hub in Czech Republic: University of Chemistry and Technology

Faculty of Food and Biochemical Technology of the University of Chemistry and Technology, Prague is where EIT Food Hub’s activities are performed. It ranks among leading university centres of food science and embraces both traditional food science fields, food technologies and innovations for the food industry, as well as current trends in the development of food and biochemical sciences, food analysis and nutrition, including several ISO 17025 accredited laboratories dealing with food quality, safety and authenticity assessment.

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