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Romania takes first place in EU in terms of the amount of agricultural holdings and is one of EIT Food’s RIS countries

Agriculture as Romania’s economic backbone

The agriculture sector in Romania accounts for 5.3 % of the total national Gross Value Added and constitutes circa 29.4% of the total employment. The country is on the first place in the European Union in terms of the amount of agricultural holdings and on the second place in terms of the agricultural population. Distinctive soil and climate conditions of Romania favour diversified production.

Room for Improvement

The Romanian agriculture remains insufficiently mechanized and water withdrawals remain at high level. The R&D sector lacks investments. In 2015, Romania spent around 0.5% of its GDP on scientific research, which represents one of the lowest scientific budgets in Europe. EIT Food can foster Romania’s innovation by creating connections within Europe and supporting the mechanisation of the agrifood sector.

EIT Food Hub in Romania - Impact Hub Bucharest and Brasov Metropolitan Agency for Sustainable Development

Launched back in 2012, Impact Hub Bucharest supports the development of entrepreneurial and innovative initiatives with positive impact through coworking spaces, growth and incubation programs, conferences and events and an online platform to digitize our support for entrepreneurs and make it available nationwide. Impact Hub Bucharest is part of the global Impact Hub network that has over 100 locations on 5 continents.
Impact Hub Bucharest has an active role in both innovation ecosystem as a connector and facilitator, but also in the food system as an events and acceleration programs organizer. For Impact Hub Bucharest to represent EIT Food as an EIT Food Hub is a great opportunity to connect the national network of agri-food entrepreneurs and innovators with European opportunities.

Since its establishment in 2006, Brasov Metropolitan Agency for Sustainable Development has been facilitating cooperation between member communities and other relevant stakeholders and building capacity for the joint implementation of sustainable development activities and policies (supporting social progress, promoting effective environmental protection measures, encouraging the rational use of natural resources, supporting economic growth). The Agency serves its 19 members (local public authorities, including Brasov Municipality and County Council) and acts as an engine for sustainable metropolitan and regional development, through initiatives related to capacity and knowledge building, participation, education, policy design and implementation.

Brasov Metropolitan Agency for Sustainable Development has prioritised and undertaken food-related initiatives for almost 10 years, and is a partner in the Urban Agenda for the EU Thematic Partnership on Food, aiming to share its experience and contribute to the EU regulatory process in the field.

Romanian cuisine is a unique blend of different dishes from several European traditions.

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