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EIT Food V Innovation Forum

The EIT Food Innovation Forum is EIT Food´s annual event focused on targeted nutrition. Join us on May 18, in an event where we can change the agrifood industry for the good of the planet and people.

Tue, June 25, 2024

EIT Food V Innovation Forum is here!

The traditional approach of the agrifood industry is going through a fundamental transformation. Therefore, the V Innovation Forum, hosted in collaboration with the Food4Future event, will gather professionals from the entire value chain at BEC in Bilbao to show how targeted nutrition will revolution the food industry.

The changing scenarios in the agrifood sector made EIT Food focus on alternative proteins, sustainable agriculture, targeted nutrition, sustainable aquaculture, digital transformation of traceability and circular food systems. EIT Food supports the overall digital transformation of the food system and collaborates with consumers to deliver a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle for all European citizens.

Since its first edition in 2018, EIT Food Innovation Forum has evolved and this year, in its fifth edition positions itself stronger than ever as a key event for professionals around the targeted nutrition world.

This year the main topic of the event will be "Systemic Challenges", focusing on the Education & Behaviour challenges of EU consumers and Health and Economic Challenges. Hand in hand with this, you will enjoy and learn from four intervations about behaviour change, healthy aging, prevention and intervention in silver.

Are you a food expert, innovator or investor? Are you working on an idea or a business that can change the agrifood game? Join us in an event where we can change the agrifood industry for the good of the planet and people.

Inspiring talks and round tables where participants will come together and discuss about everything related to agrifood and innovation.

The best opportunity to do networking and matchmaking! Find people with complementary skills and create great future projects.

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