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Future of Food Conference 2022

The Future of Food Conference is a high-level forum, providing a platform for all the stakeholders of the food system to discuss the most pressing challenges and solutions in the EU’s agrifood sector and co-create innovative solutions.

Fri, April 12, 2024
Brussels, the Square Kunstberg, 1000 Brussels, Belgium

The Future of Food Conference is our annual appointment with stakeholders from the entire food system – from policymaker, to farmers, consumers, innovators, industry players and more – to come together and discuss the most pressing issues in food innovation. In 2022, the fourth edition of the event took place on the 16th of June at the SQUARE Conference Centre, in Brussels, in an entirely in-person format.

In the lead-up to COP 27, this edition was dedicated to exploring how agrifood innovation can enable and accelerate the decarbonisation of the EU’s food system. Throughout the morning, the opening plenary sessions set the scene for the rest of the event, highlighting the main hotspots of emissions in the food system, discussing innovation pathways to address them, and emphasising the role of cooperation among industry players in achieving these results. Celebrating the European Year of Youth, and in line with EIT Food’s enduring commitment to empowering youth with a seat at the table, a plenary ‘spotlight on youth’ also provided an opportunity to students from the EIT Community programme “Skills for the Future” to showcase their innovative solutions for the agrifood sector, complete with marketisation strategy. The morning concluded with an interview from EIT Food’s CEO, Andy Zynga, to the Head of Commissioner Wojciechowski’s Cabinet, Maciej Golubiewski.

In the afternoon, a selection of highly interactive breakout sessions focused the discussion on specific aspects and solutions for the decarbonisation of the food system. Three long workshop engaged participants from throughout the food system in interactive discussions on the topics of protein diversification, the role of education in attracting youth to careers in the food system, and transparency and responsibility in the food system. In parallel, four shorter breakout sessions zoomed in on the topics of the New European Bauhaus, climate-smart agriculture and carbon farming, innovation in the algae sector and regenerative agriculture.

With the insightful contribution of over 50 speakers and the active participation of over 250 attendees representing the entire food system, the 2022 edition of the Conference once again provided a great opportunity to connect and advance the conversation on how innovation can accelerate the transformation of the food system towards a more sustainable and inclusive dimension – leading up to EIT Food’s participation in COP 27, where it co-hosted the first-ever pavilion dedicated to food systems.

EIT Food's Future of Food Conference 2022

Key themes

  • Lead up to COP27
  • Agrifood innovation
  • Role of consumers and youth
  • Potential of carbon farming
  • Sustainable aquaculture

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Conference Supporters

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Application deadline: Wednesday, 15th June, at 23:59.

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