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EIT Food accelerates innovation to build a future-fit food system that produces healthy and sustainable food for all.

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    Current Calls and Grants

    Calls and Grants
    Want to work with us? This can be in many forms ranging from contracts, procurements, open calls and so on. Check out the active ones here below!
  • EIT Food's Missions

    EIT Food operates through a Mission-based approach which puts improving outcomes for people and planet as the starting point for our work.
  • EIT Food Annual Event 2023

    Our 2023 Annual Event on 27-28 June, under the theme "Transforming Food Systems”, will gather stakeholders, experts, and industry peers from across the entire food value chain to ignite a collective spirit of innovation and collaboration.

The world’s largest and most dynamic food innovation community

We create connections right across the food system that stimulate new ideas and innovations to drive change: between startups and corporates; between food entrepreneurs and investors; between consumers and industry; between research and action; between ideas and reality; between present and future.

Our focus for impact

Supported by the EU, we invest in projects, organisations and individuals that share our goals for a healthy and sustainable food system.

Our innovation projects are delivered with a combination of industry, education and research partners to improve environmental and health outcomes by developing solutions in the most promising food innovation areas:

Protein diversification

We are developing and adopting diversified protein-based solutions, which are healthy, sustainable, safe and affordable.

Man carries tray of green vegetables over a table with an array of different vegetables

Circular food systems

We are encouraging the shift from linear to circular, sustainable food systems, in which resources are reused, nutrients recycled, by-products reduced and what remains is reutilised.

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Digital traceability

We are supporting technologies that make it easier to digitalise traceability. This can improve the safety, efficiency and sustainability of food.

Woman walks in field next to sheep and a donkey

Sustainable agriculture

We are supporting European farmers in meeting sustainability requirements by co-creating climate-neutral, fair, resilient and economically viable agricultural practices.

Birds eye view of five aquaculture nets stationed in the ocean

Sustainable aquaculture

We are transforming the aquaculture sector by reducing its carbon footprint, transitioning to circular economy, and ensuring food security and safety.

Woman in lab coat stands over variety of vegetables on a table alongside a laptop and a notebook

Targeted nutrition

We are supporting the development of a personalised approach to nutritional products and dietary guidance to create behavioural change towards more healthy and tailored diets.

Join the community

We connect stakeholders right across the food system to drive change through collective learning, problem solving and invention.

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