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The EIT Food Trust Report 2021

The EIT Food Trust Report 2021 reveals how much trust European consumers have in the food system.

03 Oct 2022

Citizens are at the heart of our mission to make Europe’s food system healthier and more sustainable. Helping to build trust between consumers and the food sector is critical for EIT Food to work together and improve food for everyone.

To develop the Trust Report 2021 we have combined qualitative and quantitative studies. This approach allows us to gather a growing repository of data to better understand the drivers of people’s behaviour in relation to trust. In this report, we have given greater room to the results of our citizen studies and focus groups, which have explored the relationship of Europeans to sustainable eating and food innovations. We believe their views are key to building a consumer-centric food system.

The TrustTracker® is an evidence-based, peer reviewed research that maps European consumers' trust in the food value chain over time. It also includes key insights into their beliefs about the competency, care and openness of actors in the food system, and their confidence in the integrity of food products. More than 20,000 consumers from 18 European countries were surveyed for this report.

For the Trust Report 2021, the Citizen Participation Forum included a qualitative online consumer research, desk research and field work in 18 countries.

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