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Transferring knowledge

Water is the “life-blood” of our economy, industries, societal functions, nature as well as health and wellbeing of our citizens. Water Scarcity will bring environmental degradation and competition on water use (agricultural, domestic, and industrial) which, overall, will have an impact on the socioeconomic development and the competitiveness of the European industry. The Water Academies are shaped to address the challenges of specific sectors on fighting water scarcity to contribute to the creation of a water-saving economy. It is a capacity building programme composed of 3 workshops and a MooC to transfer knowledge on water management for the manufacturing industry, agri-food, water utilities and municipalities.

The Water Academies are part of the Cross-KIC project Finding innovative solutions for water scarcity in Southern Europe lead by four innovation communities (EIT Manufacturing, EIT Food, EIT Climate and EIT Digital) in cooperation with three project partners (TU Delft, Athena and BioAzul). We will deliver 3 all-day long on-site and hybrid Water Academies workshops with the sessions on water efficiency in industry, urban water management and the role of nature-based solutions and water reuse in agriculture.

The participation on the workshops will be free. Participants will be granted certificates for a fee when taking the on-line course (MOOC).

- Water Reuse Workshop, July 6, 2022 Malaga (Spain)

- Nature-Based Solutions in Urban Water Management Workshop, July 22, 2022 Marathon (Greece)

- Manufacturing Industries Workshop, September 2022 (tbc)

Project lead

Retratos EIT 024

Carmen Galindo Rodriguez EIT Food South

Project Manager