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Gathering expertise

The Project partners have been working for the past 2 years on building a strong community of water experts to openly share knowledge, experiences and opportunities.

In a first stage, six main challenges were identified as the key to tackle water scarcity and contribute to the overall reduction in water consumption and pollution in Southern Europe:

In a second stage, in 2021, a group of 16 top-class experts with different backgrounds worked together to map policies, entities and financing tools available to green-tech companies in Southern Europe. Their work resulted not only on a comprehensive mapping of the current situation, but also in recommendations to exploit synergies and identify the existing gaps and opportunities.

White Paper on Water Scarcity: Finding innovative solutions to tackle water scarcity

This paper aims at unlocking water governance in Europe. Innovative and effective water-related solutions are available to foster climate change readiness, including relevant services that can enable a more integrated water management planning across Europe. But their adoption must be on many occasions coupled with new and disruptive water governance schemes.

The White Paper can be downloaded for a small fee from here:

A review of financial instruments available for scaleups, startups and SMEs to tackle water scarcity

The needs of Southern European countries remain enormous: according to the World Water Council, “financial investment into water infrastructure needs to triple to EUR 255 billion annually to combat climate change” (World Water Council, 2017). This is confirmed by the Climate Policy Initiative, which states that water is still one of “underfunded” sectors, globally.

The Review of Financial Tools can be downloaded for a small fee from here:

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