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Why Phenoliva?

Phenoliva addresses several hot topics within the olive oil industry, processing food industry and end consumer world.

  1. Full circularity: Most recently, the formation of the European Green Deal has emphasised the importance for all industries to adapt their business practice and to work towards a sustainable future. Phenoliva implements a novel side-stream management system for the olive oil industry which can be embedded into the existing infrastructure and offers full circularity.
  2. New business opportunities for primary sector: Phenoliva has a high focus on creating local impact by developing a business model that ensures a fair economic return in the food chain. This is especially important given the fact that small- and medium-scale olive oil producers are under increasing economic pressure and are facing an uncertain future.
  3. Novel, efficient food antioxidants: Olive antioxidants are among the most powerful natural antioxidants known to date. Phenoliva aims to provide the processing food industry with a novel ingredient that offers high technical performance (stability, efficiency, activity) and cost competitiveness.
  4. Natural, healthy and sustainable food ingredients: End-consumers clearly ask for naturalness, freshness, sustainability and healthy nutrition. All these needs are key focus of the Phenoliva project. Olive antioxidants are known for their unique health benefits.
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PHENOLIVA: Treatment and valorisation of olive mill wastes - Application of olive polyphenols to food