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The EWA programme was a great motivation for me to take a few steps forward. I am very grateful for the opportunity to work with mentor Mateja Vadnjal.
During the project, I took a lot of small steps with her support (optimization of the website, marketing strategy, optimization of product packaging, new connections with people). This led me to double my production and sales!

- Špela Kocjančič (Founder of Bone R) - EWA 2023 winner, Slovenia

Thanks to the EWA Programme I managed to enrich my knowledge about marketing, sales and communication. The award helped us launch a new range of healthy and sustainable products.

- Tania Nicoară (Co-founder of Unison) - EWA 2023 winner, Romania

Getting a reward truly shows you're on track. As a new company, winning made me feel part of the entrepreneurial world. It fuels my passion for my work and is helping me set up my own production. Even though I know it won't be easy, winning has given me the strength to move forward on this entrepreneurial journey.

- Nina Krašna - EWA 2023 winner, Slovenia

It is an exceptional privilege to be in such an EWA project, for which I applied without expecting that through it I would receive so much quality knowledge, contacts, and guidelines for further development.

- Marija Ignjatović (Founder of BAARO) - EWA 2023 winner, Serbia

The programme was the wind at my back to finally improve my business model, work out the ideas that were on the sidelines and to start taking my business to the next level, for the benefit of my community.

- Ana Nešić (Founder of Small-Scale Food Producers of Serbia) - EWA 2023 winner, Serbia

After EWA programme I feel better prepared to deal with the entrepreneurial world. We are eager to go forward through EIT Food programmes.

- Manuela Panić (Director at NADES Design d.o.o.) - EWA 2022 winner, Croatia

We developed our brand communication strategy with the contributions we gained from our mentoring and potential customer interviews during the EWA Programme process.

- Aygen Savaş Alkan (Founder of Kybele's Garden startup) - EWA 2021 winner, Turkey

It was a great experience for me to develop my products for export. Thanks to EWA programme I was very motivated and exited, and it helped me to succeed my plans and aims according to the product development. I’ve developed 4 new products and expanded my export in Baltic states and Scandinavia.

- Julija Danilina (CEO & Founder of GRIKSI) - EWA 2022 winner, Latvia

The first prize gave me the opportunity to finish my prototype and start pilot projects in order to prove my idea and communicate the findings and the optimizations in the Vertical Farming market.

- Dafni Avgoustaki (CEO & Founder of VerdeCube) - EWA 2021 winner, Greece

Mentoring helped me to speak about COMPOT in a clear and convincing way. With winning the prize it will make us possible to reach much more households and convince them about indoor city composting.

- Tünde Udvarnoki (Co-owner at COM-POT) - EWA 2022 winner, Hungary

The EWA programme changed the way I looked at my entrepreneurship. At first I just wanted to have a small Spirulina farm that would allow me to work as a biologist. Now I have realised that I can do my bit to create a sustainable future and make this extraordinary food available to everyone.

- Inés Carballo Tomé (CEO & Founder of Aitana Espirulina) - EWA 2021 winner, Spain

During my participation in the programme I gained access to a lot of knowledge and guidance from the mentoring team on how to build a sustainable business, which I will undoubtedly follow on my development path!

- Antoniya Georgieva (Founder of Biogaria) - EWA 2022 winner, Bulgaria

It was one of the best projects of my life. What I planned to do in a good year with EWA was achieved in 5 months. During the project period, we expanded sales channels from 7 to 17, increased the number of products from 1 to 9. EWA was a breakthrough for Lithuanian black garlic in Lithuania.

- Dovilė Ilevičienė (Founder of Garlic Moon) - EWA 2022 winner, Lithuania

The EWA programme helped me find mentors and coaches who inspired me to develop my business idea and put it into practice. Thanks to the first prize, I can develop my company and continue with research and innovation in the agrifood sector and ecology.

- Denisa Tichá (Founder of Živý uhlík) - EWA 2022 winner, Czech Republic

The EWA programme has been a real catalyst for our agriculture business. The programme helped us to organise ourselves, to put our thoughts in order, to take time to evaluate ourselves. But most importantly, it motivated us to get results. Priceless!

- Cosmina Dinu (Co-Founder at ROMO) - EWA 2020 winner, Romania