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The Future of Food: Skills for the future

After a busy summer, The Food Fight Podcast is back! In June 2022, EIT Food held the Future of Food conference in Brussels. In today’s episode we will be hearing pitches from the conference by talented young Europeans involved in the Skills4TheFuture Project, which is empowering youth entrepreneurs to innovate in the agrifood sector and to develop solutions for a future-fit food system

21 Sep 2022



  • Our climate is in crisis, we need to do everything in our power to reduce GHG emissions for the health of our planet and to create a sustainable future. Food systems provide us with important opportunities and solutions to have a positive impact on the environment. Young people will play a key role within this, and we need to increase our efforts to ensure they have a space at the table.
  • The Skills 4 The Future Project is empowering youth to innovate in the food industry through building important skills for both students and teachers in an all-inclusive, gender-neutral system. Three Italian teams from this young entrepreneurs programme for high school children gave pitches at the Future of Food conference to showcase their solutions targeted at challenges around food loss and waste, non-communicable diseases and sustainable agriculture:
  • Eco-Tom Polish – using tomato waste to produce a eco cleaning solution which utilises the natural acidity of tomatoes
  • Healthy Tiger – an app based game for families to help them learn about the risks of unhealthy nutrition and the benefits of a healthy lifestyle
  • Demetra JA - a solar powered irrigation system tackling water scarcity

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