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Is algae the new superfood?

As our population grows, innovators are turning their attention to sustainable ways of feeding the world, and solutions such as algae are making their ways to our tables. Isaac Berzin, the Founder and Chief Technology Officer of VAXA, and David Bassett, the Secretary General for the European Aquaculture Technology and Innovation Platform, join Matt Eastland to discuss this unloved material and the impact that using it more in our diets could have on our planet.

20 Oct 2022


To the vast majority of the public, the word ‘aquaculture’ has no clear meaning. In order to bridge that gap in understanding and really develop the conversation further there needs to be clear communication of what the health and nutritional benefits in sustainable aquaculture are.

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Is it realistic that all European consumers are going to be eating primarily seaweed products? If so, what do these products look like? Is it more realistic to predict algae as a viable protein substitution, or will it be more prevalent in supplements and garnishing?

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Rather than being a new superfood, we’re rediscovering the benefits of something that has been overlooked for too long. By combining the foods that our ancestors relied on upon with sustainable technical farming solutions we can fully embrace another future-proof strand of protein diversification.

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