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How can we stop wasting fish?

Both fish farms and wild capture fisheries understand the importance of sustainable production, but will it ever be possible to have a fully circular system where we use 100% of the fish we catch or farm? Thor Sigfusson (Founder and Chairman of Iceland Ocean Cluster) and Emil Linfors (Aquaculture Innovation Researcher at the University of Norway) discuss the issue of waste in aquaculture and provide insights into how we could fix our production methods to utilise all fish caught or farmed.

17 Nov 2022


Every year the global fishing industry creates more than 20 million tons of byproducts, the majority of which are being wasted. The key to sustainable aquaculture is to inspire both the fisheries and the aquaculture industry as a whole to look at these wasted products as a valuable protein resource.

Geography can play a key role in sustainability. A fish farm with a good locality and all the natural benefits of good waterflow and oxygen can help reduce the environmental impact of their operations.

With both retailers and consumers showing more interest in the sustainability of the products they are using, it is only a question of time before we start to see greater demand for changes within the industry.

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