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Workshop "Regenerative revolution in agriculture" held in Poland

On September 29-30, 2021, at the Experimental Station of the Institute of Cultivation, Fertilization and Soil Science (IUNG) in Puławy, central Poland, a workshop was held as part of the project "Regenerative revolution in agriculture" implemented by EIT Food CLC North-East - European Institute of Technology together with the Agricultural Advisory Center in Brwinów Branch in Radom.

24 Oct 2021
EIT Food North & East

The workshop provided 30 farmers from all over Poland with an opportunity to learn, share knowledge and connect with like-minded peers. The aim of the workshop was to exchange knowledge and acquire skills in the field of regenerative farming, demonstration of practical skills and management in accordance with the principles and practices applied in regenerative agriculture. Topics such as optimizing the use of means of production, maximizing biodiversity, keeping soil undercover, and reducing ploughing were discussed.

A selected group of six farmers will now be further supported by the EIT Food’s Regenerative Agriculture Revolution Program to develop a Holistic Management Regenerative Agriculture Transition Plan for their farms, which will be presented at the conference scheduled for 16th November 2021.

The official note can be found on the CDR’s website:

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