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The 3rd edition of Los Salvacomidas School Programme premieres in Santiago

On September 27th more than 50 students from Trisquel Internation School welcomed Los Salvacomidas for a day event. Students could test new interactive games as well as perform fun and healthy activities.

29 Sep 2023
EIT Food South

Los Salvacomidas School Programme launches its 3rd edition in Trisquel International School

The 27th of September 2023 Los Salvacomidas returned to Trisquel International School located in Santiago de Compostela (Spain) to present the new edition of Los Salvacomidas School Programme. The school participated in the 2nd edition, and their project impressed the jury so much to the point they decided that the students would be first to try the new content.

Thanks to the freedom of creation and experimental practice of the programme, students stay motivated at all times.

- Borxa Vidal, professor at Trisquel International School

The event, which lasted half day, managed to gather around 50 students, who enjoyed the experience of becoming a real Salvacomidas through new video games, workshops, and team activities about zero waste and healthy food.

Begoña Pérez Villarreal, Director at EIT Food South; Miriam Sastre, Senior Communication and Event Manager at EIT Food South; and Borxa Vidal, professor at Trisquel School opened the day with an inspiring speech about EIT Food and Los Salvacomidas. Right after, secondary and primary students worked together to complete the 2 new Salvacomidas video games, which were based on the student's idea for the past edition.

Carolina Alonso and Emma García, both dynamizer at TMKF agency, took over to present an exciting workshop where children integrated art and food to create eatable pieces of art. Their creations didn't last long, as they ate them in their break. Moreover, some new dynamics from the programme were brought to class, so students could experience a tiny bit of this edition content.

By the end of the day, students were heading home with a series of Los Salvacomidas merchandising and having had learnt how to face bad nutritions and food waste.

Also, we want to give a special thanks to the school director, Laura Reyes, and to all the professors who helped over the event for their great commitment.

You can find more information about the school programme on Los Salvacomidas website!

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