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The 10 selected entrepreneurs for the fourth edition of EWA Spain are announced.

Empowering Women in Agrifood Spain, an EIT Food entrepreneurship programme hosts 10 dedicated female entrepreneurs who have projects in the Agrifood sector.

13 Jul 2023
EIT Food South

Empowering Women in Agrifood Spain, an EIT Food programme and implemented in collaborations with Naked Innovations, hosts 10 dedicated female entrepreneurs who have projects in the Agrifood sector, and 10 experienced mentors that are supporting them through a tailored program starting this July 2023.

This 6 month programme consists of a variety of trainings, networking opportunities and a pitch day towards the end of the program that will award 2 prizes of €10,000 and €5,000 to two entrepreneurs. The overall goal is to enable and develop their business and projects in order to have sustainable long-term growth!

The EWA program also provides an inclusive environment for the entrepreneurs to explore and share their personal journey, support each other, and create synergies and strong bonds within the community!

Meet 2023 EWA Programme Spain cohort:

  • Vanesa Redondo - ProPlantae | Phytopathological diagnostic services associated with fungal species and prescription of treatments for diagnosed pathogens using sustainable products, avoiding the use of pesticides, and promoting the development of new products from microorganisms, plant extracts, or waste valorizatio
  • María Vargas - Numavida | Revolutionising maternal health by harnessing the healing properties of nature to provide nutrition, support, and balance to women during all stages of motherhood. Their ready-to-prepare and consume functional food products have medicinal and nutritional properties capable of enhancing milk production, involution of the uterus, assisting with nausea, constipation, acidity, and more.
  • Susana López - Setas Corbe | The sustainable cultivation of mushrooms using a typical local construction where humidity and temperature are ideal for this cultivation.
  • María Belén Gidoni - abonokm0 | Is a circular, regenerative, and sustainable project that converts organic waste into high-quality compost through vermicomposting. They offer a monthly subscription service and provide management of organics for festivals and events as well as conducting workshops on vermicomposting and circular economy.
  • Ana Gonzalez - Protiberia | Is a biotech company that researches and develops innovative and sustainable technology and production processes for obtaining protein from the Tenebrio Molitor insect, based on the circular economy, for human and animal nutrition. They also study the application of these byproducts in the agricultural sector and have their own Smart Insect Farm located in Villamalea, a small town in Albacete.
  • Marina Sanz - Lakofoods | Superfoods based innovation to tackle negative trends in nutrition. Building upon the issue of excessive sugar consumption, they aim to revolutionise the concept of sweeteners, creating a sweetener based on dates that is soluble and retains the ‘superfood’ benefits of the fruit.
  • Ana Climent - Ca Climent | Artisan producers and roasters of traditional Valencian peanut varieties (Collaret and Cacaua). The Climent family uses their own seeds that have been passed down for over 100 years. They believe in agriculture that maintains tradition and cultivates innovation, one that is redesigned to be more sustainable.
  • Marta Barba - La Albarda | The mission of La Albarda is to maintain a way of life by utilising the resources of the land and countryside in a sustainable manner, in order to offer environmentally-friendly, high-quality products that respect the environment, animals, and people, thus bridging the gap between the rural world and society. Their main activity is the direct sale and marketing of organic grass-fed meat to end consumers, without intermediaries, sourced from extensive cattle farming undergoing organic certification, led by one of the partners.
  • Anais Díez - Madari | A 100% natural fresh fruit juice brand made without any type of added sugar or additives. These high-quality, competitively priced natural juices are pasteurised allowing for an expiration of 8 months. Juices retain their flavour without the need for dyes, preservatives, or additives. The work of Madari juices is based on their values of authenticity, freshness, and accessibility.
  • Priscila Silva - Gundo | Gundo is a technological solution that provides personalised nutritional recommendations to users while they shop for groceries online, based on their goals and/or medical conditions. The solution integrates with supermarkets through APIs, allowing users to make healthier purchases by having all the necessary information before completing their shopping.

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