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The 10 selected entrepreneurs for the 2024 EWA Programme in Portugal are announced

Empowering Women in Agrifood kicks off in Portugal with innovative projects and dedicated mentorship

05 Jul 2024
EIT Food South

Empowering Women in Agrifood, an EIT Food programme implemented in Portugal in collaboration with Drive Impact, hosts 10 dedicated female entrepreneurs who have projects in the agrifood sector, and experienced mentors that are supporting them through a tailored programme that kicked off last June. 

This six-month journey will provide a variety of trainings, networking opportunities, and a pitch day towards the end of the programme that will award 2 prizes of €10,000 and €5,000 to two entrepreneurs. The overall goal is to enable and develop their businesses and projects in order to achieve sustainable long-term growth.

The EWA programme also provides an inclusive environment for the entrepreneurs to explore and share their personal journeys, support each other, and create synergies and strong bonds within the community.

Meet EWA Portugal entrepreneurs

  • Ana Devder - Tempeh O’clock: Tempeh O’clock specializes in producing high-quality vegetable protein using organic and locally sourced legumes as an alternative to soya. This fermented food product caters to the health food market, targeting not only vegetarians and vegans but also non-vegans who are looking for nutritious and sustainable food options.
  • Ana Batista - Ferreira da Estrela: Ferreira da Estrela is dedicated to the production of high-quality sheep's milk derivatives.
  • Madalena Abreu - Rebentos: Rebentos focuses on the production and commercialization of fresh sprouts in the Autonomous Region of Madeira. Recognizing the increasing demand and interest in sprouts due to their high nutritional value, Madalena Abreu's business aims to address the current supply gap in Madeira, providing locally produced, nutritious sprouts to meet the needs of the region.
  • Azucena Marques - Bee2Farm: Azucena Marques's project, Bee2Farm, is an innovative app that connects beekeepers seeking additional income with farmers in need of pollination services. Beyond facilitating these valuable connections, the platform also offers a comprehensive bee food solution, enhancing the bees' resilience against environmental challenges and supporting sustainable agriculture.
  • Catarina Mamede - Bee´s Knees – Vegan Creamery: At Bee's Knees – Vegan Creamery, Catarina Mamede focuses on creating 100% plant-based, naturally fermented, probiotic cheeses made from oilseeds, pulses, and seeds. These cheeses cater to all consumers, including those who are lactose intolerant and oilseed intolerant. The company prioritizes using organic products from local and national producers whenever possible, ensuring both quality and sustainability.
  • Diana Rego - CRIATURA: CRIATURA, led by Diana Rego, produces organic herbal teas using surpluses from small Portuguese farmers, including aromatic plants and fruits. This initiative targets consumers seeking organic, healthy, and innovative products, supporting local agriculture while offering high-quality teas.
  • Karen Weintraub - Legumes Elegantes: Karen Weintraub's project, Legumes Elegantes, aims to encourage the pleasure of eating vegetables in variety and quantity. The initiative integrates into the value chain by involving itself in three key areas: agricultural production in partnership, processing of raw materials, and commercialization. This holistic approach ensures a seamless journey from farm to table, promoting healthy eating habits and supporting sustainable agriculture.
  • Mayla Araújo - Plantalicious: Mayla Araújo's Plantalicious offers a vegetable alternative to eggs that matches the flavor and nutritional components of traditional eggs, all at a competitive price. The innovative development focuses on creating egg powder alternatives with a simple production process, long shelf-life, and versatility in culinary applications. The target market includes vegans, individuals allergic to eggs, and consumers concerned about sustainability, initially focusing on Portugal with plans for expansion across Europe.
  • Susana Moreira - Queijo de Bolota: Susana Moreira is developing a nutritious alternative cheese made from acorns, which is rich in fiber, antioxidants, and gluten-free. This innovative product responds to the growing demand for plant-based products and aims to enhance the sustainability of the food system while reducing food waste. By promoting the global valorization of acorns, Susana's project supports the use of local and sustainable resources.
  • Teresa Braz - PreservaCoat: Teresa Braz's PreservaCoat offers a natural biological solution for extending the shelf life of fruits and vegetables. This innovation helps reduce post-harvest losses and food waste while contributing to the production of healthy products. The target customers include fruit and vegetable producers, distributors, and retailers, aiming to enhance sustainability across the supply chain.

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