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The 10 selected entrepreneurs for EWA Programme in Portugal are announced

Empowering Women in Agrifood Turkey, an EIT Food entrepreneurship programme, hosts 8 dedicated female entrepreneurs who have projects in the agrifood sector.

18 Jul 2023
EIT Food South

Empowering Women in Agrifood Portugal, an EIT Food programme and implemented in collaborations with UPTEC & PWIT (Portuguese Women in Tech) , hosts 10 dedicated female entrepreneurs who have projects in the Agrifood sector, and 8 experienced mentors that are supporting them through a tailored programme starting this July 2023.

This 6 month programme consists of a variety of trainings, networking opportunities and a pitch day towards the end of the program that will award 2 prizes of €10,000 and €5,000 to two entrepreneurs. The overall goal is to enable and develop their business and projects in order to have sustainable long-term growth!

The EWA program also provides an inclusive environment for the entrepreneurs to explore and share their personal journey, support each other, and create synergies and strong bonds within the community!

Meet EWA Portugal entrepreneurs

  • Ana Fernandes - Agrenatus | To address the great challenge of the lack of connection between agro-food waste producers and the key-players able to transform them into innovative, high added value and sustainable products, Agrenatus aims to prevent agro-food waste or by-products to end up in landfills: establishing a bridge, offering the possibility of commercializing the agro-food residues and by-products.ç
  • Claúdia Ferreira - Coaching 100k for Health | Aims to transform the lives of 100,000 people in socially vulnerable situations, enabling them to achieve full and lasting health through a comprehensive program of health coaching, food and culinary education. The goal is to change the reality of food poverty, helping people to make healthy choices within their financial limitations and acquire culinary skills to prepare nutritious and delicious meals.
  • Henriqueta Ramos - Flavorite | Digital platform for pre-ordering meals to optimize preparation at restaurants and avoid food waste. Flavorite will also perform intelligent suggestions for menu creations at restaurants based on the restaurant's stocks available.
  • Marlene Machado - Snackisy | Developing of a wheath of healthy and easy-to-prepare snacks. The natural ingredients make them protein rich and fit for vegans. Environmnetal wise, Snackisy has a biodegradable packaging to assure a lower climate impact while guaranteing a tasty snack.
  • Carla Ramos - Real Vines | Adopt a vine, support the local economy - by hiring staff to work in the vineyards and endogenous products - and enjoy the unique experience to taste your own wine without the brden of owning the vineyard.
  • Nabiha Ben Sedrine | With the aim to optimize water resources and energy resources at the same time, the proposed solution will collect water from the air (humidity, evaporation and plant transpiration) without associated energy costs by absorbing moisture at night, and collecting pure water during the day.
  • Sara Leitão | Small sized Urban smart farms that connect it's local community to farm altogether with our teams support. The goals is to make farming, fun and simple, and also adapted to your needs, time and farming knowledge.
  • Sara Matias - Portugal Bugs | Intends to launch various insect-based food alternatives, such as protein bars, pasta, crackers, hamburgers, and other day-to-day consumer food products. Portugal Bugs will replace less sustainable food alternatives to slow down the consumption of natural resources while providing consumers with high-quality protein food.
  • Liliana Correia - Germirrad | Developing a simple autonomous robot for continuous hybrid disinfection. The static equipment of lower cost is able to disinfect for example footwear in clean rooms, but it is mostly taylored to agriculture and livestock - as it will decrease the need to use antibiotics while assuring a low death rate of animals.
  • Sarra Haribi | Creating an indoor hydroponics system that is practical to grow your own food from the comfort of your home but also aesthetically pleasing, including a online market offering all the necessary goods related to the system ; seeds, nutrient solution and spare parts.

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