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Meet the innovative startups that are creating solutions for a more efficient and safe food industry

Meet “Delicious Data” and “NEMIS Technologies,” two startups that are contributing to a more transparent, fairer, and resilient food system.

07 Dec 2022
EIT Food West

EIT Food North-West hosted the third instalment of its “Startup Discovery Series” on the 22nd November. The series is aimed at encouraging collaboration and new partnerships within the EIT Food community and beyond, by providing startups with a, online platform to pitch their company and food industry solution. Companies that pitch in the series can connect with industry experts, researchers and investors that are seeking new agritech startups to work with.

Each session in the event series aligns with one of the missions of EIT Food:

  • Promoting healthier lives through food
  • Delivering a net zero food system
  • Achieving a fully transparent, fair, and resilient food system

For the third session in the event series, the startups invited had a solution that aligned with the EIT Food mission: “A Fully Transparent, Fair and Resilient Food System.” This mission is focused on overcoming challenges in the food industry such as, inefficient production processes and food safety.

During the event, we were joined by Valentin Belser, Founder and Managing Director of “Delicious Data” and Franzisca Gartenmann, Head of Sales and Marketing of “NEMIS Technologies”, who each presented their company to the audience.

Meet Delicious Data: Using artificial intelligence to help food businesses make more informed decisions

The startup Delicious Data has created a machine learning platform to help food businesses, such as caterers and retailers, with more accurate forecasting. The platform combines historical data with additional external factors to calculate future sales figures. The data produced offers valuable insights to help businesses make more informed decisions for procurement and production. Also, the AI system enables businesses to monitor environmental factors such as food waste and CO2 emissions.

After the presentation, Valentin Belser, the Founder and Managing Director of Delicious Data was asked about his passion for helping companies to reduce food waste. He replied:

“I had almost no awareness of the problem until a day in a university cafeteria. It was a very shocking moment; I was like what happens with all this food? Does it be handed over to a food bank or will it be redistributed or sold for cheaper price. I was shocked to figure out it would be thrown away. Since that day I was driven to find a solution.”

- Valentin Belser

When Delicious data was first launched in the market, it was a completely new concept, and the use artificial intelligence was still relatively niche. This provided the startup with the challenge of having to convince potential consumers to use the solution. However, as artificial intelligence has become much more common, consumers are now much more open and understanding of this solution. Initially consumers were convinced to use the solution due to the cost saving benefits, however as most companies now have sustainability targets to meet, the advantages of reducing co2 emissions and reducing food waste are a major benefit to consumers.

Meet NEMIS Technologies: A new era in pathogen testing to increase food safety

NEMIS Technologies is a company which provides a solution to the challenge of pathogenic and drug-resistant bacteria within the food industry. They specialize in the development of simple, safe, and low-cost on-site pathogen detection solutions, across a wide range of applications in the food industry. They use groundbreaking platform technology to monitoring the environment, find and eliminate potential contamination sites before pathogenic bacteria multiplies and spreads. Their platform - N-LightTM - can be tailored to detect any chosen microorganism such as bacteria, parasites, viruses, or fungi.

Their N-LightTM technology which can be used for the detection of listeria monocytogenes (a pathogenic bacterium that causes an illness called listeriosis) is commercially available in 9 European markets, whilst their technology which detects salmonella risk was recently launched in Switzerland October 2022. The company is set to launch new solutions to market, including a technology to detect E.coli.

NEMIS Technology have the potential to overcome the major challenges within the food industry through enabling more frequent and early on-site screening tests, which is needed for fast interventions allowing potential contamination sites to be found and eliminated before bacteria spread and become a major problem.

In summary, both Delicious Data and NEMIS Technologies are helping us to achieve a “fully transparent, fair and resilient food system.”

Delicious Data is doing this by:

  • increasing operational efficiency
  • reducing food waste
  • saving meals
  • reducing co2 emissions.

NEMIS Technologies is doing this by:

  • Monitoring the food environment
  • Increasing food safety

EIT Food supports Agritech Startups

EIT Food supports business owners, startups, and scaleups in bringing new food technologies to Europe. Whether you're trying to validate your business innovation with potential clients, partner with corporations, or expand internationally, we have programmes that offer excellent mentoring and training, money, and access to a thriving European network of agrifood specialists and resources.

Both Delicious Data and NEMIS Technologies are part of EIT Food’s RisingFoodStar programme. The RisingFoodStars programme mentors early startups that are past the ideation phase, have paying customers or a paid pilot project, and are ready for significant global expansion. It provides help testing and launching in new international markets, support from agrifood experts, connections with industry partners, and access to EIT Food funding and investors community.

Stay in touch with our Startup Discovery Events!

We are pleased to announce that we will be continuing this series in 2023. All session take place on a Tuesday at 10am-11am GMT/BST. Please see upcoming dates below.

  • 24th January 2023 - Healthier Lives Through Food.
  • 28th February 2023 - A Net Zero Food System.
  • 28th March 2023 - A Fully Transparent, Fair and Resilient Food System.
  • 25th April 2023 - Healthier Lives Through Food.
  • 23rd May 2023 -1A Net Zero Food System.
  • 27th June 2023 -A Fully Transparent, Fair and Resilient Food System.

If you would like the opportunity to pitch your start-up, or would like more information on our start-up discovery series, please contact Dr Paula Almiron

About the author

Aimee Fee is a Nutrition and Partnerships Intern at EIT Food. She holds a bachelor's degree in Food Quality, Safety and Nutrition and has just completed a master's degree in Sports and Exercise Nutrition. Aimee is passionate about promoting healthier lives for all through food and nutrition.

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