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EIT Food North-West: Startup Discovery Series

Join our webinar series to meet game-changing startups from our agrifood community.

Tue, September 27, 2022 + 2 Other dates

EIT Food North-West is hosting a webinar series for EIT Food partners and other organisations to connect with innovative agrifood and agritech startups from across its community. The series will be an opportunity for startups to pitch their food system solutions to industry experts, researchers and investors to encourage collaboration and new partnerships.

Event Format

The format of each webinar will include presentation slots from pre-selected startups followed by Q&A sessions, to enable attendees to ask questions in real-time to each startup.

Aligning with EIT Food missions

The event series will be divided into webinars for each of EIT Food’s missions:

  • Healthier Lives Through Food
  • A Net Zero Food System
  • A Fully Transparent, Fair and Resilient Food System

EIT Food startups that have a solution that align within each of the missions will have an opportunity to pitch their business to the rest of our food innovation community. Startups will be from our RisingFoodStars Association and other entrepreneurship programmes. These game-changing startups have the potential to bring new technologies and products to market.

Why attend?

  • Discover game-changing startups to work with from the EIT Food community
  • Explore which startups are aligned with each of EIT Food’s missions
  • Ask startups questions about their food system solutions to kickstart new partnerships

Who can attend?

  • The webinar is open to EIT Food partners and external organisations who are potentially interested in accompanying startups through their expansion

  • We welcome agrifood and agtech startups that would like to connect with likeminded organisations at EIT Food

  • We especially encourage the attendance of our North-West partners based in Iceland, Ireland, and the UK Geographies

    Register for the series

    The webinar dates are as follows:

    • 27th September: Healthier Lives Through Food
    • 25th October: A Net Zero Food System
    • 22nd November: A Fully Transparent, Fair and Resilient Food System

    Join our webinar on the 27th September! This webinar will be focused on startups that align with EIT Food’s ‘healthier lives through food’ mission. Register here

    If you have a question about the event, please contact Paula Almiron, Partnership and Funding Manager at EIT Food North-West:

    About EIT Food North-West

    EIT Food North-West is the regional office of EIT Food that is responsible for the UK, Ireland and Iceland. Follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn!


    Register here

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