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Call for expression of interest to participate in EIT Food RIS Consumer Engagement Labs

15 October 2021 North-East, South, Bulgaria EIT Food is looking for food companies that would participate in EIT Food RIS Consumer Engagement Labs project to commercialise selected results of Consumer Engagement Labs. 

Call for expression of interest to participate in EIT Food RIS Consumer Engagement Labs

Applications are invited from countries: Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain.

Further details about EIT Food can be found at: More information about the EIT Food RIS Consumer Engagement Labs methodology developed by University of Warsaw is available at With respect to the present call, EIT Food and University of Warsaw will not provide new information that has not already been included in this call document, but can assist potential applicants by explaining the contents of this document (interested applicants are encouraged to contact Magdalena Zatorska,

Eligible organisations

  • Legal persons (informal organisations/unregistered teams are not eligible); 
  • Operating in a country targeted by the call; 
  • Food companies (NACE code C10); 
  • Companies that generated revenues in 2019 and 2020; 
  • Companies that have not yet received funding in EIT Food RIS Consumer Engagement Labs project; 
  • Able to sign a subcontracting agreement with the EIT Food Co-Location Centre North-East or Co-Location Centre South and act as a subcontractor in a project funded based on Horizon Europe/EIT modalities (EIT Food partners and Rising Food Stars members are not eligible); 
  • Possessing knowledge, skills and resources rendering them able to carry out the subcontracted tasks. 

Types of organisations invited to respond to the call 

EIT Food is looking for food companies that would participate in EIT Food RIS Consumer Engagement Labs activity in countries covered by this call. The company should be a food producer (NACE code C10). We strongly encourage the involvement of companies, offering food products for end consumers rather than food ingredients or food-related services. Due to the nature of project activities and the creative potential for new food products, EIT Food is primarily looking for companies, which could develop products targeting individual consumers, ideally as an extension of existing product portfolios, leveraging already established sales channels and already earning revenues from product sales. 

Selection process 

Interested and eligible organisations are invited to submit their applications by 5 November 2021, 3 pm CET, using the attached ““EIT Food RIS Consumer Engagement Labs” Application Form”. Please send the electronic version of the application, based on the attached template, to: Incomplete applications or applications submitted by ineligible organisations will be rejected. 

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