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October 2023 opens with the 3rd edition of Los Salvacomias School Programme

The School Programme begins again! In this 3rd edition, children will master the art of healthy eating habits and zero waste through teaching units, collaborative tasks, and new interactive video games, among other exciting activities.

18 Oct 2023
EIT Food South

The School Programme begins with new edition and many updates

Halloween is not the only exciting thing that happens in October. In fact, Spanish schools and scout associations can now open their gates to the 3rd edition of Los Salvacomidas School Programme, which teaches children (6 -12 years old) to adopt healthy eating and zero waste habits.

Ever since the last edition concluded, Los Salvacomidas have continued working on new and thrilling educational activities to encourage students to adopt good habits. Same as past editions, the good use of food will be fostered through team work and original activities, however, this time Los Salvacomidas have taken one step further with 2 new interactive video games. Children will become real chefs and defeat dragons, while they turn into healthy food and sustainability experts!

Moreover, participants will have until the 25th of february to put all their eggs in one basket to create a zero waste newspaper cover. Through the competition, children will show original ways to reduce food waste. The winners will receive a prize of 1,000 euros (€500 for scout associations) to be used for any activity of their choice for the whole class.

Keep tuned to discover the next agrifood experts!

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The programme focused on healthy eating and zero waste awarded 2 schools (Taxara and Marqués de Benicarló Schools) with 1,000€ each and a scout group (Scouts of Sevilla MSC) with 500€ for their creative zero waste measures.
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Seizing to promote healthy eating habits and reduce food waste among young minds, Los Salvacomidas organised a workshop in Pamplona held on May 20th and 24th at Colegio Liceo Monjardín.
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From May 7th to May 10th, in Parma, CIBUS stands as the foremost international trade fair for the Italian agrifood industry, attracting stakeholders and enthusiasts from across the globe.