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Mapping of the Innovation Ecosystem on the Atlantic Area

AHFES, a European project funded by the Atlantic Area programme, aims to improve the overall competitiveness and growth of SMEs in the value chain of healthy food & lifestyles by contributing to enhancing a transnational innovation ecosystem that helps SMEs access to knowledge, partners and markets and align their products and services to consumer needs and expectations.

27 Oct 2020
EIT Food West

As part of the AHFES project EIT Food together with Valorial have undertaken a deep analysis of the regional ecosystems dedicated to Healthy Food and Lifestyles. Exploring the actors within the European Atlantic Area where they have been supported by the AHFES partners from Spain, Portugal, UK, and Ireland, the activity has highlighted the companies who work in Healthy Food across the 4 helixes of Industry, Government, Academia and Citizens.

The work included listing the companies who work on making healthier products (or work with naturally healthy products) and those who are working to develop more sustainable products. The list also includes those working to promote a healthier lifestyle, including physical activity. Researching on healthy food and diets that are focused on nutritional needs and the impact of food on the physiological and physical functions.

They have also explored the methods of food processing, preparation and cooking that influence the nutritional value of foods, and provide consumers with access to safe, healthy, high quality and affordable food.

Conclussions show that the Atlantic Area region is well provided with actors from the four different helixes, with a clear predominance of industries particularly interested in the healthy food and lifestyles trend. The civil society is less represented in this field: it can be less concerned by healthy food, or less used to work with the industry helix. Some regional initiatives show encouraging cases of the consumers involvement and should be encouraged and widespread through the Atlantic area. Facilitating factors have been identified to encourage their involvement.

Key learnings have been analysed and are summarised in the following document.

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