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GoToBusiness Workshops and Mentoring: Empowering AgriFood Innovations in Ukraine

In the exciting world of agri-food startups, there's a lot of opportunity just waiting to be explored. With the strong support of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology specializing (EIT Food), Tech StartUp School is thrilled to introduce an exciting series of workshops and mentoring sessions. These sessions are created to assist startups, entrepreneurs, and farmers in the agri-food industry in their learning and growth journey. The primary aim is to provide the knowledge and help necessary for your success.

31 Oct 2023
EIT Food North & East

AgriFood StartUps Workshops are intensive 10-hour sessions designed to empower startup teams, entrepreneurs, and farmers in the agri-food sector. These workshops offer a rich blend of knowledge, inspiration, and practical insights crucial for advancing your startup. Participants will gain expertise in critical thinking, design thinking, idea validation, identifying target audiences, and blue ocean strategy. Topics include marketing, business modeling, value propositions, customer communication, team building, securing investments, presentation skills, and pitching techniques. These workshops equip participants with the foundational skills necessary for success in agri-food entrepreneurship. From strategic planning to financial management, marketing strategies, and team building, our facilitators provide guidance across all aspects of turning your agri-food business idea into reality. To register, follow this link - AgriFood StartUps Workshops

AgriFood StartUps Mentoring sessions is a unique opportunity for participants to engage in one-on-one discussions with experts in marketing, business, and exportation. These hour-long online sessions are led by experienced entrepreneurs, investors, and industry experts in the agri-food sector.

During these mentoring sessions, you will have the chance to gain insights, learn valuable lessons, and discover best practices from those who have successfully navigated the challenges of establishing agri-food startups. The expertise and guidance offered in these sessions are invaluable for those looking to take their ventures to the next level. To register, follow this link - AgriFood StartUps Mentoring sessions

For further information and to register for these insightful opportunities, please visit the project's website. Don't miss this unique opportunity to nurture your agri-food startup and take a significant step towards making a real impact in the agri-food sector.

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