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Genbioma, was recognized as the most innovative startup at the EmprendeXXI Awards

Our 2021 FAN Alumni startup won the award (out of 22) in Navarra co-issued by CaixaBank.

17 Apr 2023
EIT Food South

Genbioma Aplicaciones was awarded as the most innovative startup of Navarra in the EmprendeXXI Awards. This is a recognition promoted by CaixaBank, through DayOne, its division specializing in technology companies and their investors, and co-sponsored by the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism, through Enisa. In Navarra, the organization of these awards is supported by CEIN.

Genbioma Aplicaciones is a biotechnology company with a clear international market orientation, focused on the industrial development of probiotics and postbiotics that help regulate blood glucose levels in people with diabetes, thanks to their ability to modulate the intestinal microbiota.

This company, also has its own collection of strains protected by international patent, as food ingredients and nutritional supplements capable of differentially regulating glycemia in the diabetic population and preventively in the initial stages of prediabetes. It was founded in 2019 thanks to the industrial know-how derived from microorganisms obtained from probiotic animal feed research and the preclinical research on animal health, to deepen and improve the R&D on own probiotics for food applications in human health.

The company has experienced significant growth in recent years, following its participation in the EIT FAN Accelerator.

This EIT Food accelerator supports entrepreneurs in the validation of their technologies and allows them to accelerate their businesses and bring them to market.

Thanks to this and other entrepreneurship programmes, EIT Food supported a total of 464 start-ups in the last year, which managed to raise an investment of 407 million euros. The companies supported launched 15 innovative products and services on the market.

Not only with this, the National Institute of Health´s Human Microbiome Project, bring awareness to the new group of startups that are creating new advanced and personalised innovations in the microbiome technology. Gembioma, that has developed the first probiotic supplement for prediabetic people, has being awarded.

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