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Food Festival ‘Taste of Paris’: Innovation Booth Showcased Circular Food Start-ups

EIT Food CLC West represents the mission of EIT Food and introduces innovative circular Flemish start-ups to an international scene.

16 Aug 2021
EIT Food West

Taste of Paris is a yearly food event that represents the best of the French food scene in one location. From young start-ups to innovative culinary services and Michelin-starred restaurants, the festival promises 4 days of unique discoveries and experiences. EIT Food CLC West not only represented the mission of EIT Food but also introduced innovative circular Flemish start-ups to this international scene.

As Europe’s leading food innovation initiative, EIT Food is working hard to make the food system more sustainable, healthy and trusted. We build an inclusive and innovative community of diverse start-ups, research institutes and corporate food sector partners to drive innovation and entrepreneurship.

We are all responsible for, and connected to, the food that we eat. At Taste of Paris, that connection is celebrated and explored in every way possible. New food products, demo’s by master chefs, sophisticated and qualitative food producers, up-and-coming start-ups with refreshing and ground-breaking innovations took over the Grand Palais Éphémère in Paris, France.

Through our Innovation booth, we helped promising Belgian start-ups that spur the transition to a circular food ecosystem with their go-to-market by introducing their products to a large audience and gaining feedback from end consumers.

  • Gili - 99 % circular drink good for your body and the planet 
  • Nimavert - delicious and nutritious protein snacks made from insects
  • Beerfood - grain waste streams from microbreweries turned into delicious crackers
  • Robin Food - delicious soups, sauces and spreads from food surpluses 

We introduce their food products and took full advantage of this citizen engagement opportunity. For the first time since the Covid-19 pandemic hit, we were present again at a live event! We seized this opportunity to gain insights into consumer preferences and values regarding innovation, sustainability, circularity.

Watch here the aftermovie of Taste of Paris:


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