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Empowering Women in Agrifood (EWA) 2021 programme in Romania has announced its’ winners!

After 5 months of mentoring, training and dedicated meetings, Empowering Women in Agrifood (EWA) programme has come to an end. 10 participants have learned throughout the program about the motivation behind a business, how to grow your business sustainably and to attract customers and partners. They had a chance also to improve their marketing and communication skills.

29 Dec 2021
EIT Food North-East


The final event EWA 2021 Pitchday has been held online through a private Zoom meeting for our contestants to feel as at ease and comfortable as possible. The pitching competition has been organized as an event, where each contestant held a 5 minute pitch, followed by the Q&A session of the jury members for another 5 minutes.

Besides this part, an online live event, dedicated to the wide audience was organized in order for the future female agrifood entrepreneurs of Romania to follow the ideas and roadmap of 3 women in the entrepreneurship and agri domains. The 3 guests that have had discussions on innovation, agriculture and the role of women in entrepreneurship and agrifood were:

Lucia Radu - Program Manager Impact Hub Bucharest and blogger;

Monalisa Ungureanu - CEO Agrii Romania (an agribusiness international company);

Ibloya Oprea, winner of second prize of EWA Romania 2020.

The jury

Among members of the jury were:

Claudiu Mitrea - Member of RIS Council EIT Food;

Adina Cretu - Manager Startarium platform;

Valentina Ion - Co-founder of Forager.

The most important selection criteria for financing were innovation of the business idea, the need that the proposed solution addresses, business plan and the possibility of scaling, the socio-economic impact and the exploitation of agrifood opportunities.


The event concluded with the deliberation of two winners, who further attended live event dedicated to announce the winners. Congratulations were addressed in order for Eugenia Ana Bucur (Innovati Foods) and Annamaria Kiss (Anna’s Urban Garden), who were presented to over 40 live viewers of the live event.

  1. First prize (10,000 euro) went to Eugenia Ana Bucur - Innovate Foods, who produces functional, green, healthy, dietary snacks, enriched with vitamins and antioxidants by recycling by-products from the wine industry (beta recycling), thus reducing organic waste to zero.
  2. Second Prize (5,000 euro) was gained by Annamaria Kiss - Anna’s Urban Garden, which offers urban edible landscaping services - productive landscaping, dedicated to gardening enthusiasts of all ages working in the urban environment and followers of a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

The overall event was integrated in a bigger concept dedicated to innovation and agrifood sector, Agrifood Innovators Day, where several entrepreneurs and experts in the agrifood sector came together to offer inspiration and a base for future entrepreneurs.

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The closing ceremony took place in the BAT | B Accelerator Tower in Bilbao, a key point for startups, companies, investors and technology partners. The event was also followed online, reaching more than 100 professionals in the sector.