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EIT Food - projects for Ukraine

EIT Food launches newest programmes and workshops for Ukrainian people – RIS4Ukraine, We Lead Food Program, WeAgriTech, EIT Food Job Skills Studio and EIT Food Startup Awareness Event to help with gaining professional experience in the food industry

06 Sep 2022
EIT Food North & East

EIT Food offer educating, advisory and capability building programmes and workshops to Ukrainians of different ages in order to encourage improving knowledge about the food industry and empower competencies in the agrifood sector.

We Lead Food Programme

The We Lead Food Programme is dedicated to Ukrainian women in the agrifood sector, allowing to awaken the appetite for change, growth and will give practical tools to turn ideas into action. This programme will help Ukrainian women envision their goals and plan the steps needed to achieve them.

We Lead Food Programme will provide women with a space for collaboration and co-creation. We will be accompanied by women who are willing to drive positive change in the food industry.

Join online from 18th October – 29th November 2022. Approximately 10 hrs/week (Tuesday and Thursday afternoons and evenings).

9 free places for Ukrainian women leaders are still available!


“GoAgriTech” is an activity created by EIT Food and food experts, addressed to Ukrainian teenagers who may soon have a real impact on the shape of the agrifood market.

The main objective of this project is to promote agrifood industry as an interesting field to work in the future. The youth will have the possibility to talk to participants of other activities e.g. Ukrainian participants of RIS educational and Business Creation activities.

Eit Food is looking for organisations based in Croatia, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania and Slovakia within a project aiming at providing young people with the necessary knowledge and self-confidence to pursue their career in the agrifood sector.

DEADLINE: 15th September

EIT Food Job Skills Studio

The workshop ‘’EIT Food Job Skills Studio” focuses on the improvement of practical competences in the labour market in agrifood sector for Ukrainians residing in Poland due to the war in Ukraine. The workshop aims to develop practical skills of working in gastronomy on an intensive three months course. Moreover, through its numerous activities, participants will be able to practice the Polish language.

The project is implemented in cooperation with our partner Food Bank in Olsztyn.

More details will be available soon.

EIT Food Startup Awareness Event – Ukraine

EIT Food invites organisations from Cyprus, Malta, Montenegro, the Republic of North Macedonia, Ukraine and/or Outermost Regions: Guadeloupe, French Guiana, Réunion, Martinique, Mayotte and Saint-Martin (France), the Azores and Madeira (Portugal), and the Canary Islands (Spain) to apply and participate within the program as the co-organizer of the EIT Food Startup Awareness Event. One organisation will be chosen from Ukraine and at least two from other locations.

The main goal of the events will be to introduce EIT Food programs and activities to the local agrifood and innovation ecosystem and scout for potential participants of EIT Food entrepreneurship programmes. The events will also aim to bring together the members of the local agrifood ecosystem and initiate the discussion about the current state and challenges of the ecosystem in relation to innovation and entrepreneurship.

The selection process is implemented as an open call managed by EIT Food, Co-Location Centres North-East and South, using clear and transparent selection criteria.

Organisations eligible for this call are:

  • Legal persons1 (such as companies, incubators or accelerators, innovation centres, higher education institutes, research institutes, non-governmental organisations);
  • Operating in a country/region targeted by the call;
  • Able to sign a subcontracting agreement with EIT Food’s Co-Location Centre North-East or CoLocation Centre South and act as a subcontractor in a project funded based on Horizon Europe/EIT modalities;
  • Recognised as important players in the local innovation ecosystems with a strong regional outreach,
  • Experienced in entrepreneurship support;
  • Capable of organising local events and workshops;
  • Experienced in the organisation of events/workshops remotely using online tools.

How to apply? 

Interested and eligible organisations are invited to submit their applications in English by 15 September 2022, 23:59 CEST.

The RIS4Ukraine

The RIS4Ukraine programme is addressed to young people (up to 35 years of age) from Ukraine who want to find a job in the agrifood sector. It is dedicated to those who had to migrate to the European Union due to the war in their country or remain in their home country and are able to take part in 1-4 months internship in a leading European agrifood companies and research centres. The target groups are: MSc students and graduates, PhD students and young researchers specializing in different parts of food system, as well as young professionals – job seekers in the agrifood sector.

The aim of the programme is to support young people coming from Ukraine in developing their professional skills. It will offer them top class on-the-job training for pursuing career in the agri-food sector and allow to gain first work experience on the common labour market of the EU countries. The goal of the programme in this regard will focus on learning good practices which after returning to Ukraine might be later shared and implemented to strengthen competitiveness and innovativeness of Ukrainian and the entire European food value chain.

The project also aims to accelerate cooperation between young scientists and professionals from Ukraine and the EU countries, promote exchange within R&D teams and working jointly on development of innovative solutions. For temporary migrants it offers opportunity to adapt their practices to the standards and requirements of the EU companies.

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