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Closing the second edition of the EWA Programme in Italy on a high note with the Piching Day in Bologna

Diana Zagarella, founder of Olivair and Martina Riolino, founder of Zoé Food Evolution were awarded with the 1st and 2nd prize by the close of this edition.

24 Oct 2023
EIT Food South

EWA's final ceremony was held between the Scuderia, FFI headquarters, and Palazzo Re Enzo, a historic palace in the center of Bologna. Together, the EWA award ceremony was also held at 'C'è Più Gusto', a major event dedicated to the world of food organized by one of Italy's largest publishing groups (gruppo GEDI).

This day was attended by about a hundred people who saw the female entrepreneurs pitch and receive the awards.

During the day, all the EWA entrepreneurs had the opportunity to show what they had learnt and implemented during the 6 months of the programme.

Once the entrepreneurs had presented their pitches and after the jury's deliberation, the awarded participants of this year's edition were presented.

The first prize was won by Diana Zagarella, founder of Olivair, a startup that produces a drone dedicated to harvesting hanging fruit.

The wind produced by the drone's propellers acts by imposing vibrations on the branches that cause the fruit to fall.

The second prize, on the other hand, went to Martina Riolino, founder of Zoé Food Evolution, a fast food concept of vegan cuisine.

Zoé focuses on the in-store processing of fresh pasta and condiments, resulting in curated, fresh, healthy, organic (where possible), and zero-mile food.

The event offered participants the opportunity to explore the agribusiness sector and learn from sharing knowledge with top talent in the industry.

Read more about the final EWA ceremony here.

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