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Applications are now open for EIT Food's Regenerative Agriculture programme in Poland

EIT Food is looking for 30 farmers, owners of at least average-sized farms, conventional farms in Poland that would be trained within the project Regenerative Agriculture Revolution in 2022.

21 Jun 2022
EIT Food North-East

For farmers interested in making their farms more profitable, whilst also making the food system better for the planet and people’s health, EIT Food is offering comprehensive support to help farmers transition to regenerative agriculture. The support includes two key parts:

  1. 1.5 day training session held on a regenerative farm and delivered by experienced regenerative farmers and agonomists. The session will combine theory, interactive workshops, and farm visits. Importantly, participating farmers will learn how to apply regenerative agriculture techniques on their own farm. Key topics include:
  • Minimal soil disturbance - no till farming
  • Cover crops and crop rotation
  • Reduction or elimination of agrochemical inputs
  • Keyline design
  • Composting and biofertilizers
  • Integration of livestock and plants
  • Cycle management: carbon, water, nitrogen and minerals
  • Holistic management of a farm
  • Developing a strong business model and alternative sales channels
  • 2. After the thorough selection process, six of participating farmers will receive two-year of advice from an experienced regenerative agriculture agronomist. Through regular visits, the agronomists will work with participating farmers to design and implement an action plan to transition to regenerative agriculture and meet the farmer’s environmental, economic and personal goals.

Training sessions dates and locations 2022:

  • 27-28.06.2022 in Śrem, Wielkopolska Region– Hotel Metropol Pl. 20-Go Października 43, 63-100 Śrem or;
  • 4-5.07.2022 in Kętrzynie Warmia & Mazury Region– Hotel KOCH ul. Sportowa 1, 11-400 Kętrzyn or;
  • 7-8.07.2022 in Głubczyce, Opolskie Region– Dworek PESZKÓW ul. Parkowa 4, 48-100 Głubczyce

The trainings will be provided by Terra Nostra Foundation

Contact details:

In case of questions, please contact Monika Linkowska,


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