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Another Huerto gathers 20 families to highligh the importance of our relationship with food

The past 24th of October we learnt how to grow a kitchen garden without leaving home!

28 Oct 2020
EIT Food South

Aweraness about sustainability and health have increased significantly since, what is called, the "new normality". These topics have become an important matter for a lot of families and "Another Huerto" gave easy and entertaining solutions to support the #ZeroWaste movement from home. 

Held online on the 24th of October, the event "Another Huerto", developed in collaboration with Another Film Festival, gave families valuable keys to create a garden by making use of resources that anyone can have at home. The event was run by La Era Verdadera, who explained how to plant food and take care of the seeds. EIT Food and Los Salvacomidas were the ones providing didactic materials in order to facilitate and make the learning process more enjoyable, and a social media contest was launched on the day, check it out on Facebook and Twitter #HuertoLosSalvacomidas.

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