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With a coastline of more than 83 000 km, including fjords and islands, Norway is one of the world’s leading nations regarding the production from marine fisheries and aquaculture. The fisheries sector has always played a key social and economic role, nationally and regionally, and has been the basis for settlement and employment along the entire Norwegian coast. Intensive farming of Atlantic salmon is by far the most important activity, accounting for more than 80 percent of the total Norwegian aquaculture production. Rainbow trout is also important.

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A Shared Mission to Transform the Nordic Food System News

A Shared Mission to Transform the Nordic Food System

20 Jul 2020 Research and innovation agencies from the Nordics and EU have joined forces with EAT and the Nordic Food Policy Lab to co-create a first-of-its-kind shared mission on food systems transformation, demonstrating the role of public agencies in orchestrating the research, innovation and public participation necessary to accelerate a shift towards a more equitable, sustainable and prosperous society for all