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EIT Open Day Italy

Benvenuti! This will be the 1st edition of the EIT Open Day organised as part of INNOVEIT WEEKS 2022 that will take place in Italy to push innovation in the agrifood sector of the country.

Thu, November 24, 2022

Rome will host the first edition of INNOVITALY - EIT Open Day, an event that aims to show the current and upcoming opportunities of becoming part of Europe's largest innovation ecosystem. The agrifood sector in Italy has a huge potential to grow and transform and in this event we'll discuss the roadmap of a shared strategic vision, with diferent technological scenarios to achieve that.

Questions like how can entrepreneurs an policy makers cooperate to design an improved agrifood sector or the implementation of 4.0 technologies towards a regenerative food system are only a few of the topics we'll discuss with a panel of experts that will include the National Agri-food Technology Cluster, UNIBA, Federpesca, Università Cattolica di Milano, or the Italian GAL, among others.

Interested in joining the conversation? Registration to the event will open soon, stay tuned!

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