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Matis is an independent, governmentally owned, food and biotech R&D company headquartered in Iceland. We are active participants in many national and international R&D and innovation projects, including FP7 and Horizon2020 programmes, and have an ongoing fruitful global cooperation with many of the world largest food and ingredient companies, a large number of SMEs and entrepreneurs, as well as universities and institutes

Competences & Capabilities

Education: Matis hosts over 10 PhD students, 15 MSc students, 10 trainees from developing countries and 20 interns in collaboration with various universities and companies. Matis hosts the MSc program in Food Science for the University of Iceland in close collaboration with the industry, and plays an active role in the BSc and PhD programme. About 50 Matis staff are directly involved in advising and teaching students. Matis trains university students in innovation and entrepreneurship and also trains entrepreneurs with low education levels the basic principles of developing products and starting businesses from scratch.

Innovation: Matis focuses on food and biotech innovation by applying state-of-the-art and emerging technologies with consumer health and safety as our priority. We follow a co-creational holistic approach to solutions involving consumers, companies, institutions and universities from the start of an idea. Our project cover a range of innovative solutions throughout the food and biotech value-chain, with focus on sustainable value creation contributing to environmental, social and economic sustainability.


  • Food processing, quality and safety
  • Biotechnology and genetics
  • Innovative processes and ingredients
  • Product and process development
  • Food and environmental analysis
  • Consumer and sensory science
  • Sustainability/full resource utilisation
  • Traceability and logistics
  • Aquaculture and feed
  • Market analysis and trends
  • New business development
  • Training and education programmes
  • Consumer communications
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