Food Innovation: 3D-printed meat-free steak from plant-based proteins

Food Innovation: 3D-printed meat-free steak from plant-based proteins

The links between eating meat and climate change have long been documented. In fact, the production of beef and dairy alone takes up 83% of the world’s available farmland and 100g of beef produces over 100kg of greenhouse gases. With such shocking statistics, it is clear that we need to provide alternatives to the current meat production system.

That’s where the talented entrepreneur Giuseppe Scionti, Founder and CEO of NovaMeat, comes in. Through combining his skills in tissue engineering and 3D printing, he has created an affordable ‘piece of meat’ made from vegetable proteins. Best of all, NovaMeat has the same fibrous texture as a real steak – something that other entrepreneurs in this space have struggled to achieve.

In this video, researcher Giuseppe will take you on a visit to his workplace where this new food technology first came to life:


With EIT Food, NovaMeat has received business training and took part in our Innovation Grants competition. EIT Food supports startups at every stage of their development: from ideas to global expansion. Check out how EIT Food can support your startup here.

"The European Union should invest more in the field of plant-based and clean meat research"
- Giuseppe Scionti
EIT Food

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