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PeakBridge launches agrifood-tech seed fund in collaboration with EIT Food

14 Apr 2021
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The FoodSparks® fund will invest up to €30 million of investment over a span of up to four years in pan-European seed and early-stage agrifood-tech startups to offer access to strategic capital and support with scaling up.

In April 2021 we announced the first close of our pan-European seed fund FoodSparks® managed by PeakBridge in collaboration with EIT Food. FoodSparks® is supported by major European food players and EIT Food, an initiative supported by the European Institute for Innovation and Technology (EIT). The chosen entrepreneurs will gain capital support and benefit from being a part of the extensive EIT Food community.  

Leading the fund is Yoni Glickman, formally EVP and President of Natural Solutions at Frutarom and later IFF. Yoni brings his wide experience in both startups and corporates across the value chain of the food industry.  

Together with our partners Ordway Selections, CPT Capital, Givaudan, Puratos, Gullspång Re:food and the wider EIT Food community, we intend to build a truly aspirational organisation investing in seed-stage companies with protectable and scalable technology domiciled in Europe/EFTA and Israel. The unique positioning of FoodSparks® makes it the best platform for agrifood companies looking for professional support in their journey. 

By working with agriculture and food entrepreneurs we intend to not only deploy capital, but more importantly, to support them in achieving their dreams and aspirations. FoodSparks® companies will benefit from best-in-class guidance and mentoring based on decades of food experience, as well as knowledge and insights throughout the EIT community.  

And by building a unique cadre of European agrifood-tech startups, we will realise our own aspiration to provide more nutritious, delicious and more sustainable food for the growing population of our planet. 

PeakBridge is a leading global agrifood-tech investment VC that focuses on innovative, ESG-positive companies that impact human nutrition. PeakBridge was founded by Erich Sieber and Nadav Berger. Both spent their entire professional career in the food industry and have raised and managed funds in the agrifood-tech space. PeakBridge is a core member of the EIT Food consortia and through its other fund, Newtrition, invests globally in Series A companies, including Tastewise, Qualitas Health, Ukko, BE WTR, PreNexus and Nick's. 

We welcome you to join us on this journey, whether you are a European agrifood-tech startup founder who wants to give themself that best shot at success, an individual who shares our vision and would like to mentor one of the startups, or an organisation aligned with our aspirations who want to learn about the opportunity to cooperate - we would love to hear from you.  

For more information, contact us via our email

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