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7 amazing ways to help you expand your mind during the Coronavirus lockdown

27 Mar 2020
4 min reading time

In these challenging times brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic, when more and more of us are self-isolating and working from home, if we’re not careful life might become boring and monotonous. But just because we are facing physical restrictions, that doesn’t mean that we have to constrain our minds at the same time.

At EIT Food we have a world of opportunities for you to explore to keep learning and to help you have a positive impact on society.

So whether you’re a student looking to dive into a new subject, a budding entrepreneur yearning to start your own business, or simply interested in knowing more about the challenges facing the food system, at EIT Food we’re here to help you.

So which amazing opportunity will you pursue today?

1. Expand your mind by completing one of EIT Food’s free online courses about the food system

We’re equipping learners all over Europe and beyond with the skills and knowledge they need to make a lasting impact on the food system. Our flexible online courses are supported by a global network of learners, researchers, experts and entrepreneurs, so you can expect to be inspired by some of the brightest minds the sector has to offer.

So if you’re staying at home and want to know how farmers are sustainably producing the food we eat, learn how food can improve your wellbeing, or finally get the truth on ‘superfoods’, then take one of our courses on Future Learn today.  

Have you ever wondered what makes food sustainable? Take our free online course to find out 

2. Listen to inspiring agrifood entrepreneurs on The Food Fight podcast

Our Food Fight podcast series brings together the most inspiring entrepreneurs and innovators from across the agrifood industry to examine the biggest challenges facing our food system and the best ways to solve them. Learn how we’re tackling food waste, what food producers are doing to make food healthy, and if we’re going to be able to feed 10 billion people by 2050. In this podcast series we ask the questions everyone wants answered, so subscribe now!

We want to hear your views on the topics of each episode, so why not join the conversation online (#EITFoodFight) and share your thoughts on the biggest challenges facing our food system and the best ways to solve them? Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn

3. Create your own startup by learning the secrets of success from the best agrifood entrepreneurs

If you’ve always wanted to know exactly what to do to start your own food business, then you should be reading the free EIT Food startup manual.

EIT Food startup manual: Tips on how to build an agrifood company that can transform the food system in a scalable and sustainable way.

This invaluable guide details what every food entrepreneur wishes they’d known before starting out and is filled with over 40 modules of practical advice covering everything from finance to funding, and sustainability to supply chains. Learn the key lessons, successes and failures of other entrepreneurs so that you can start having a positive impact on society.

4. Walk in the footsteps of the people and communities driving change in the food system

We support the students, entrepreneurs and businesses transforming the food system whatever journey they are on.

So if you’ve ever wondered what kinds of things students learn on a ‘makeathon’ challenge, or how the aspiring business leaders of the future test their ideas for commercial potential, or how student entrepreneurs can build an agrifood startup whilst still studying in full time education (spoiler: it takes real commitment!), or who are the unsung heroes across Europe driving impact in their local communities – courtesy of Ed Sheeran’s Chef – then our blog is the place to find them all.

Walk in our changemakers’ shoes and get inspired to transform the food system.

5. Change society for the better by applying for one of EIT Food’s amazing programmes for students and entrepreneurs.

We are providing access to the latest and greatest education courses, professional development opportunities and entrepreneurship programmes across Europe. We have leading networks for women entrepreneurs, innovative summer schools, industry-leading internships and easy-to-access funding. So if you’re thinking about your next step in the agrifood industry, now could be the perfect time to focus your mind and apply to one of our programmes currently accepting applications.

6. Test your knowledge on the origins of our food and how it’s made

FoodUnfolded® is our global, digital platform that creates and shares content on the latest food and agricultural innovations. We’ll take you through how things are made, why certain processes are used, how technology can make our food more sustainable, and basically anything and everything about food tech. So why not learn about how plants are grown in space, or the story behind lab-grown meat, or keep entertained with one of our fun food quizzes?

7. Join a community of people who care about food and how it impacts our health and planet

Whatever it is that you’re looking for in the food system, why not explore the EIT Food community on a mission to make food healthier, more sustainable and trusted? A world of opportunity awaits you!


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