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The Regenerative Agriculture Guidebook

Discover innovative regenerative agriculture methods that will transform your farm. Learn how to apply sustainable practices for healthy soil and productive crops.

13 Feb 2024

The Regenerative Agriculture Guidebook is for:

  • Farmers looking for practical advice on transitioning to regenerative agriculture.
  • Agricultural advisors wanting to expand their knowledge of modern, sustainable farming practices.
  • Agriculture students and those involved in education in this field, who wish to deepen their knowledge about innovative methods in agriculture.
  • Specialists and researchers in the field of agriculture seeking current information on regenerative agriculture and its impact on the environment and food production.

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Winter wheat


Soya beans

Soil testing

From Tradition to Transformation: A Czech Farmer's Journey into Regenerative Agriculture

Discover the transformative journey of a Czech farmer who embraced regenerative agriculture, leaving behind traditional farming methods for a sustainable future. This video captures the essence of resilience and innovation, showcasing the farmer's challenges and achievements in rejuvenating the land. Through personal interviews and stunning visuals of the evolving landscape, learn about the reasons behind the shift, the obstacles overcome, and the positive impacts on soil health, biodiversity, and crop yields. Expert insights highlight the global significance of regenerative practices in addressing the obstacles and promoting food sovereignty.

Regenerative Agriculture Programme

The EIT Food Regenerative Agriculture Programme aims to support farmers across Europe in transitioning to regenerative agriculture. It promotes sustainable farming practices that not only positively impact soil quality but also contribute to the production of food with higher nutritional value. The EIT Food Regenerative Agriculture Programme includes on-site training for farmers, advising, as well as webinars and manuals on regenerative practices for specific crops, available to all interested farmers. Furthermore, we organise events promoting regenerative agriculture and carry out educational activities for consumers. Our approach is based on collaboration among various stakeholders, such as farmers, researchers, startups, the processing industry, and consumers, to jointly create beneficial and lasting conditions for the development of regenerative agriculture.

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