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Agricolus is a digital agriculture solutions provider supporting workers in the agri-food sector through digital tools. The Agricolus platform comprises top-notch applications in precision agriculture, including satellite maps, predictive models, sensors, machinery connectivity, field data collection through apps, analysis tools, and sustainability indicators for the supply chain.


The Soter Rover, a multifunctional, hybrid-electric, 4x4 robotic platform, with an integrated PTO shaft, gives farmers the option to use already available implements for compact tractors and cultivators, autonomously, via remote control or autopilot technology. With digitalisation of agricultural processes in the forefront, it was designed to tackle difficult-to-access terrain with ease, on slopes up to 35 degrees.


Agriception's PlantPix system addresses the critical need for precise, easily integrated agricultural monitoring, significantly enhancing crop health assessment and phenotyping accuracy through advanced imaging and data processing.

FarmAIr Hellas

Farmair technology combines thermal and visual images, machine learning and artificial intelligence, in order to reveal plant stress, before any symptom is expressed, helping for preemptive measures that will minimize costs. We employ drones, equipped with dual cameras for remote sensing and aerial photography scanning and diagnosis of your field.

Saporpure Organics

HUMUSON Complex (natural origin complex) contains amino acids, vitamins, enzymes, proteins, and organic acids, 40 different elements in total. Following our laboratory tests, product stand-alone or mixed with mineral fertilizers, increases the efficiency of mineral fertilizers up taking by 25% and helps restore soil fertility. High organic matter levels in our product help restore microbial activity in local soil. The molecular structure of our organic matter is similar to soil organic matter.

Elpidia Research

Doctor Digital Plant develops vaccine to combat 3 most common diseases in apple culture. Vaccine platform to produce plant vaccine by injected microbiological agents tested in plant support, initiate immune system respond, cultivation in bioreactors, extract specific protein inhibate microbiological agent tested using QSAR. The key is a link relation between chemical structure of proteins with biological function for microorganisms.


Unique technological unit that increases frost and drought resistance, 58 crops were studied, which are grown in Ukraine and are the main agricultural crops in almost all countries of Europe and the USA. Increase in yields corn 15.3%, winter wheat varieties "Soyuz" and "Victoria" 15-27%, Potatoes up to 43%, Sunflower up to 65%, Buckwheat up to 70%, Zucchini up to 175%, etc.

Smart Intuitive Drones

Drones collecting high-resolution data collected provide valuable insights about crop health or soil moisture levels. By optimising the crop management, team can identify potential issues before they become major problems.


Using advanced methods to supply wineries and winegrowers with the most accurate information, which will not only save costs, but also help with decision-making


We have developed three products of soil microbiology for the agriculture industry: bacterial to enhance plant nutrition, bacterial to fight pathogens in the soil and fungal product for the primary residue decomposition after harvesting. Using these products farmers may use less fertilisers and pesticides without loss of yield.

Sensato Hive Reader

Patented hardware + software based solution saves up to 60% of the beekeepers time for hive inspections, as the beekeeper has access to the information from all hives 24/7 and receives "to do" list from machine learning based software algorithms. The thermo-sensor based hardware makes detailed 2D thermo-map of the bee family.


The BIHOX units are able to integrate in the agricultural used water, in the form of micro-bubbles, some natural molecules that we create by applying advance photocalityc reactions to the humidity in the air. These molecules are hydroxyl groups, oxygen peroxide (0,3-0,5 ppm only) and oxygen ions.

Earth Automations

Heavy duty autonomous robot platform that can be paired up with different equipment and work different farms in full autonomy thanks to AI and computer vision, that at the same time analyses data such as crop pests and diseases, as it is working the fields. Designed to help farmers with labor shortages and rising labor costs.

Orbiba Robotics

Autonomous Weed Management Robot designed to sense the biodiversity of a farm and adjust its weed management techniques accordingly, using sensors such as cameras and machine learning algorithms. The robot is equipped with the capability to identify different types of plants, including weeds and crops, and distinguish between them using various sensors. By doing so, the robot can use different techniques to control weeds depending on the specific crop and weed species present.


Big Data Solution for Precision Agriculture. We reduce operating and environmental costs by more than 30%, more than USD 300 per ha with profit increases of more than 40%. Software for the precise and geolocalitated application of Nutrients (Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium) over any crop based on Recognition of satellite images, artificial intelligence and Machine Learning


Fully autonomous, solar-powered lightweight weeding robot, using AI for plants recognition and contact and non-contact weeding methods, with 24-hour working cycle in the fields. It tackles the overuse of herbicides, heavy machinery and hard manual labour in food production.


Natural superabsorbent polymers, helping retain more water in the soil. Solution is completely biodegradable, eco-friendly and serves as a plant nutrient once degraded.

Terra Carbono

Lignite-based new biostimulants improve soil health and plant micronutrient uptake. Enhancing soil moisture/essential nutrient holding capacity and fertilizer efficacy takes agriculture a major step closer to becoming regenerative.