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RIS Future Citizen Labs

As part of EIT Food's strategic objective to reduce and overcome low consumer trust and transparency in the food system, RIS Future Citizen Labs is a programme that aims to actively promote and support a shift in engagement from consumers as passive recipients to consumers as change agents.

RIS Future Citizen Labs programme supports projects that engage consumers and citizens in co-creation and interactive, highly didactic and engaging activities destined to listen to people’s concerns and questions, provide knowledge based on facts and science to answer these concerns and questions, and mobilise citizens as active agents, promoting trust in the agrifood sector and contributing to achieve a fully transparent, fair and resilient food system.

These activities support openness of the agri-food chain, enabling dialogue between industry and civil society. Consumers should not only be informed about science and innovation but also empowered to participate in activities and debate with industry and academia, leading to increased trust in the system and in new innovations and technology.

The activities of RIS Future Citizen Labs ran from September to December 2022.


Within this framework, RIS Future Citizens Labs selects and endorses projects that develop activities with consumers such:

1. Co-creation activities and interactive, didactic engaging workshops with a clear aim to actively involve consumers, listening to their needs and demans before developing a new product;

2. Consumer engagement and awareness activities (seminars/conferences/events);

3. Outreach (including social media, articles and broadcast in national / local press, TV, radio, etc.).