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Restart your Start-up: The entrepreneur's guide for beginners

Learning business modules from the scratch. Discover ways to raise investment for your start-up business and get acquainted with the concept of precision farming and innovations in agriculture.

About the course

The E-learning course focuses on basic business concepts and business models, funding and investment for a start-up, agricultural technologies: trends, challenges and opportunities. It leads the students through the basic process of creating a start-up from the scratch.

Part One deals with basic terminology and core business concepts. Detailed consideration of the monetization models and pricing. A separate part of the module is devoted to business models, their types and the construction of Lean & Business Model Canvas.

Part Two focuses on funding and investment for a start-up. This module is designed to help students master key terms and understand the nature of the venture capital industry. Speakers will provide practical advice on raising capital and talk about the documents a start-up must have for this.

Part Three offers concepts of precision farming and innovations in agriculture. In addition, using the example of robotics solutions, students will be able to assess the economic effect of introducing innovations in agriculture. During this module you will get acquainted with the key trends of the Agrotech industry in Ukraine.