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Nordic cereals - Valorisation of cereal side streams for feed production

Converting waste from oat processing into a valuable product


The aim of the Nordic cereals project is to valorise the side streams produced during the processing of oat, ensuring it is not wasted, but instead converted into products used to create aquaculture feed. 

Grain farming is a growing industry in the North of Europe. However, agrifood production often creates large amounts of by-products or side streams, much of which is currently wasted. The environmental challenges that this waste causes are becoming of increasing concern. Developing a waste management system which uses a circular economy approach and gives an economic value to these side streams would help the grain production industry be more sustainable.  

The side streams produced during oat processing are especially rich in polysaccharides, proteins and minerals. The Nordic cereal project will valorise these side-streams by using these proteins and carbohydrates for the production of probiotic bacteria and single cell proteins which can be used in aquaculture feed.  


Project lead

Nordberg Karlsson, M (Eva)
Nordberg Karlsson, M (Eva)

Activity Leader

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