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NMR-based MetabolomIcs foR orgAniC miLk authEntication (NMR-MIRACLE)

This project will develop an analytical service to authenticate organic milk and enhance transparency throughout the dairy supply chain. This responds to an increasing consumer demand for strong commitment of the food industry to robust authentication of organic food across the EU.


The project will evolve existing nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) technology to foster the development of a testing service that distinguishes organic from conventional milk, at all supply chain  levels (farm, preproduction, retail), thus enhancing credibility of the dairy supply chain and consumer trust on the final product. The objectives will be achieved via farm and retail surveys across UK and Finland and the service will be calibrated for different countries, seasons, and supply chain levels. The service will include a protocol which can be adopted by milk recording authorities, food authentication laboratories, government bodies, and value-added companies which use organic milk as a key ingredient.


Project lead

Sokratis Stergiadis Pic

Sokratis Stergiadis

University of Reading

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