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Healthier Tuber Snacks with Infused Nutrients

The aim of this project is to make tuber or root-based snacks healthier to meet demand for healthier snacks in developed markets and deliver needed nutrients through commonly consumed foods in developing countries.


The intention is to innovate in the area of “savory snacks” by expanding the types of vegetable crisps. Roots and tubers will be used as base material and these will then be infused with healthier and/or more palatable materials. Infusion technology allows for nutrient fortification through commonly consumed foods that lack essential vitamins and minerals, such as tubers. Two snacks will be made: one for a developing market fortified with Ca and Vitamin D, and another for developing markets fortified with Vitamin A, Iron and Zinc.


Project lead

Imran Afzal Pic

Imran Afzal


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