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Spotlight: Phytolon on natural food colours

Tal Zeltzer, Co-founder and CTO of Phytolon, describes their technology which is producing sustainable, high-quality natural food colours

21 Jan 2022



  • There is a strong correlation between how food looks and how food tastes. Food colourings are used in the majority of food products on the market, with up to 8% of major crops in Europe and the US are used for the creation of food colours.
  • Phytolon is a agrifood startup revolutionising the way food colours are produced using fermentation-based technology, which has a much lower environmental footprint compared to agriculture.
  • The technology involves using yeast to produce natural food colours and pigments which have traditionally been produced by plants. The pigments produced from the fermented yeast have a higher purity and quality compared to plant-produced pigments.

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