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Healthy soil, healthy people

Owner of Grand Farm and Vermigrand, Alfred Grand, talks to us about the importance of soil health and how his companies employ earth worms to regenerate soils.

08 Apr 2023


Soil health refers to the ability of soil to sustain plant growth and many other functions. They include fertility, climate function, water management and biodiversity.

About 95% of our food is produced soil, but according to the Joint Research Centre (JRC) a staggering 61% soils of EU soils are not healthy, which brings risks to the food system and beyond. Unhealthy soils, for instance, can contribute to poor water quality and flood risk.

To improve soil health, Vermigrand employs vast numbers of earthworms to help produce Biohumus. Worms and microbes feed on other organic material in the soil and convert it back to nutrients for the plants, also helping to turn the soils to enhance distribution.

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