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Bioazul is a water engineering and technology consultancy SME, very active in R&D&innovation projects. Bioazul develops eco-innovative and sustainable solutions for the treatment and sustainable reuse of water resources. 

Bioazul’s main aim is to integrate sustainability at an environmental, social and economic level, achieve energy efficiency and place our know-how at the service of the client to offer the most competitive solution in each context. 

Bioazul contributes to the achievement of the UN SDGs, focusing on guaranteeing clean water and sanitation for all and adopting measures to combat climate change. 

Competences & Capabilities 

Main areas of specialisation and technological expertise are: 

  • Innovative, competitive tailor-made water treatment technologies 
  • Efficient and sustainable water treatment processes 
  • Process water and wastewater treatment 
  • Sustainable water reuse 
  • Resource recovery 
  • Climate adaptation and water management 
  • Nature-based solutions for urban and rural water management 
  • R&D and innovation consultancy 
  • Projects management and implementation

Avenida Manuel Agustín Heredia 18, 1º4, 29001 Málaga, Spain


Antonia Lorenzo, CEO and R&D Director

Partner in the following EIT Food projects


EIT Food Government Executive Academy

EIT Food Government Executive Academy brings together public sector representatives from 28 RIS countries, researchers working in the field of agrifood innovations from industry, academia and European institutions.


Water Scarcity in South

EIT Climate-KIC, EIT Digital, EIT Food, EIT Manufacturing, Athena Research Centre and BioAzul joint forces to face the real challenges around water scarcity.


Digital monitoring of fruit & vegetable freshness (DigiFresh)

Keeping fruit and vegetables fresher for longer

Regional Innovation Scheme

RIS Public Sector Representatives Activity Line

Capacity building and education for the public sector


EIT Food RIS Fellowships

The Action Line is divided into 2 complementary programmes – RIS Fellowships dedicated to Master of Science students and graduates and RIS Talents dedicated to Ph.D. students and postdocs from 28 EIT RIS countries which both aim to promote brain circulation, contributing to enhancing the innovativeness of personnel and development of scientific impact by supporting the creation and diffusion of high-quality new knowledge, skills, competences and solutions to food system challenges.

Public Engagement

Proof of Concept Societal Impact

Proofs of concepts help to determine whether an idea, a specific concept or approach when turned into reality would bring societal impact as envisioned.


EIT Food Accelerator Network

Partnering with the world-leading corporates & research institutions in the agrifood space