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Unveiled the winners of the first edition of the CERES Awards by EIT Food South

The prizes were granted during the 5th Anniversary Gala

10 Oct 2023
EIT Food South

Yesterday, October 9th, we celebrated the Awards ceremony of the first CERES Awards by EIT Food South, to reward our community and the success of all the startups that have been supported by EIT Food South and all farmers that have positively impacted the environment since their participation in an EIT Food South programme.

Among all the applications received, the jury selected the following 9 winners:

EIT Food South Programmes: 4 categories and 6 prizes of €3,000

1. Best Marketed Innovation Award: remarkable products or services developed during or after participating in an EIT Food South project or programme.


2. Excellence in Growth Award: to acknowledge the progress startups have had since their participation in an EIT Food South project or programme. In this category we will grant two different awards:

2.1. Employment Creator Award: startups that have significantly broadened their workforce.

Winner: Nucaps

2.2. Revenue Generator Awards: the capacity to highly increase their financial revenues.

Winner: Agricolus

3. Fundraising Startup Award: startups which have attracted a great amount of funds, whether they come from public or private sources.

Winner: Pydro

4. Women in Agrifood Award: a specific award to female entrepreneurs who took part in an EIT Food South project or programme and have. In this category we will grant two different awards.

4.1. Marketed Innovation Award: innovative products/services created or improved by women entrepreneurs.

Winner: Ekolive

4.2. Female Founder Award: female-led startups consolidated since their participation in the EWA Programme.

Winner: Farmhood

Growth Awards for Regenerative Farmers: 3 prizes up to €10.000

The category "Growth Awards for Regenerative Farmers", honours the most successful projects to reduce carbon footprint and implement innovative technologies to improve farm management.

This category granted 3 prizes up to €10,000:

  1. Prize 🥇 €10,000 Winner: Félix del Villar Igea
  2. Prize🥈 €7,000 Winner: Mas Casanova - Xevi Quirante
  3. Prize🥉 €3,000 Winner: Poultree - José Luis García de Castro

Thank you so much to all the applicants and we are looking forward for the next edition!

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