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Two Spanish schools awarded at "Los Salvacomidas" competition, thanks to their healthy menu proposals

This initiative is celebrating its second edition, in which over 35.000 young students have participated from 12 regions of Spain.

22 May 2023
EIT Food South

In this second edition, students from 413 educational centers have starred in their own learning process in terms of healthy habits, sustainable eating and entrepreneurial spirit. These students have had the chance to work with the several materials that are available for download: Fichas educativas - SalvaComidas ( and Edición actual - SalvaComidas (

This year, teachers from the 12 participating Spanish regions have registered 14.159 students between 6 and 12 years old, from which 41 classrooms have participated in the "Los Salvacomidas" contest. The regions from which they have participated are: A Coruña, Alicante, Asturias, Baleares, Burgos, Córdoba, Granada, León, Madrid, Ourense, Zamora and Zaragoza.

What have our 2 winning schools created?

The winner of first grade of Primary has been Colegio de Zarréu school in Asturias, which has carried out a work entitled 'Cultivarte'. The jury has valued the presentation of the dish and its elaboration, by children who demonstrate healthy eating habits and awareness with the care of the planet.

The students of CPR 'Txara' of Granada have been double winners, designing and elaborating their proposals in a creative way. The result of this have been the works, 'Animalotes / la gallina francolina' and 'Tu cara me suena'

The jury, composed by the FEN (The Federation of Nutrition of Spain), Danone, The Regional Government of Andalusia and Acesur, along with EIT Food, has declared about the winner's work:

  • "Very good integration of content and different ages involved, involving the whole social context of the school, which makes it a motivating proposal. The school garden and its local products stand out, relating them to the SDGs".
  • "Well connected with the Harvard plate guide. Good internal work highlighting sustainability".
  • "The teamwork of the whole school stands out, with a complete documented process. The use of stop motion video format, the elaboration of collages and murals, as well as the use of seasonal food and local products make this proposal a high quality inter-level project".
  • "The work presented is part of a larger initiative, (garden, ODS, interlevel collaborative learning, nutrition) showing interest in seasonal and Km 0 products. It is worth highlighting the interlevel learning: ESO students have gone to Primary classes to explain about nutrition".

We would like to thank all of the participants for their hard work, their dedication and creativity. We hope that the activities organised have been of use to help all the registered schools in teaching their students healthier and more sustainable eating habits.


You can learn more about the programme here: ¡Los Salvacomidas han llegado para luchar por una buena alimentación! (

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